Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hertfordshire Pure Weddings

A belated Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you're all keeping warm. Despite the cold weather we've been busy preparing for the 2010 season and are in the process of making improvements to our facilities. We've also been hand planting new varieties of lavender, back breaking but hopefully you'll appreciate the results! We've also had good success with the cuttings we took last year and most of them have coped well with the frost - so far.

Alex and Wid's wedding that we hosted in June features in this months edition of Hertfordshire Pure Weddings. It takes you through their day step by step and is a great place to look if you fancy a wedding that's a little bit different. Not many venues can offer a field of lavender as your reception backdrop, just drop us a line at the usual place if you want to talk through how you can hire the lavender fields as your venue for your special day.